Metal Table Legs and
Metal Handrails

Elevate Your Space with Stylish Handrails

Discover a curated collection of meticulously crafted handrails that seamlessly blend safety and elegance. From classic designs to modern statements, our handrails are created with precision and care to ensure they stand the test of time.

Transform Your Tables with Premium Table Legs

Unleash your creativity with our exquisite selection of table legs designed to transform ordinary tables into extraordinary pieces. Our meticulously engineered table legs come in a variety of styles, finishes, and sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your design vision.

Tailored to Perfection:

Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship

Experience the art of personalization with TLB Inc's custom order service. Your unique vision deserves to be brought to life, and we are here to turn your ideas into stunning metal creations.

Let's Create Something Extraordinary!