1.5" Round, Metal Handrails, Flat Black, Straight Cut

$50.00 USD

Any Handrail longer than 7.5 feet will come in two or more pieces.

1 Piece: 1-7.5 Feet 
2 Pieces: 8-15 Feet 
3 Pieces: 15.5-22.5 Feet 
4 Pieces: 23-25.5 Feet 

Metal, Steel, Iron, Wrought Iron
1.5" 14ga round tube

Finish: Flat Black (as shown in picture) Prone to Rust

How to Measure:
Measure from the nose of you first step to the nose of your last step.

Included in your order:
Lag Bolts or Cement Bolts (Used to bolt bracket to wall)
Self Drilling screws (Used to screw brackets to handrail)

Depending on how long the handrail is determines the amount of brackets you will receive.

1' to 3.5' = 2 Brackets
4' to 7.5' = 3 Brackets
8' to 10.5' = 4Brackets
11' to 12.5' = 5 Brackets
13' to 17' = 6 Brackets
17.5' to 22.5' = 7 Brackets 

23' to 25.5' = 8 Brackets 

Lag bolts are for wood, and Cement bolts are for concrete or brick wall.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Michael Marlatt
3' Round Railing

I want to thank Gerardo for his superb service. I submitted an incorrect order and once notified TLB/Gerardo responded to my emails and quickly offered a solution that was more than fair. I didn't have to return the original order and there were no extra charges on my end. The correct railing was sent, and the installation was easy and straightforward with the exception of drilling the holes for the self-tapping screws. The railing looks great, and the wife loves it. Michael

Ben Kempinen
1.5" Round, Metal Handrail

An excellent product. Sturdy, well made and easy to install. Would recommend to others looking for a quality handrail.

Tom Morar
Good service, drilling the holes for the m...

Good service, drilling the holes for the mount was simple and the rails look good.

Katherine Bosco
Wonderful customer service! I needed a rep...

Wonderful customer service! I needed a replacement and they made the return/replace process so simple and easy.

Tony Rau
Very nice and solid product, my only issue...

Very nice and solid product, my only issue was no instructions for install. Although there are YouTube videos you can refer to, my issue was little tips like where to place the wall bracket screws in relation to the rail. I placed mine a little too far from the wall which exposes the bracket more. So when gripping the rail with your hand grasping the rail, your finger sometimes catches on the bracket underneath. The product looks awesome and is sturdy.