1.5x1.5, Metal Handrails, Raw, Straight Cut

$50.00 USD

Any Handrail longer than 7.5 feet will come in two or more pieces.

1 Piece: 1-7.5 Feet 
2 Pieces: 8-15 Feet 
3 Pieces: 15.5-22.5 Feet 
4 Pieces: 23-25.5 Feet 

Metal, Steel, Iron, Wrought Iron
1.5"x1.5" 14ga square tube

Finish: Raw (as shown in picture) Prone to Rust

How to Measure:
Measure from the nose of you first step to the nose of your last step.

Included in your order:
Lag Bolts or Cement Bolts (Used to bolt bracket to wall)
Self Drilling screws (Used to screw brackets to handrail)

Depending on how long the handrail is determines the amount of brackets you will receive.

1' to 3.5' = 2 Brackets
4' to 7.5' = 3 Brackets
8' to 10.5' = 4Brackets
11' to 12.5' = 5 Brackets
13' to 17' = 6 Brackets
17.5' to 22.5' = 7 Brackets 

23' to 25.5' = 8 Brackets 

Lag bolts are for wood, and Cement bolts are for concrete or brick wall.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Collier
Super sturdy and attractive handlebar. I...

Super sturdy and attractive handlebar. I use an angle grinder with a sanding blade to give it a swirl finish for extra pop. The self tapping screws worked great when mounting the brackets!

Gillian Hirthe
I ordered railings and door handles and lo...

I ordered railings and door handles and love both. Exactly what I was looking for. Excellent workmanship and quality and quick turn around time.
Thank so much.

Gillian Hirthe
The railings turned out fantastic and I co...

The railings turned out fantastic and I could not be more pleased. Great workmanship and communications.
Thanks again

Jeremy Champlin
As advertised. Quick replies.

As advertised. Quick replies.